Ensuring a work environment that protects the health and safety of our staff is considered by us not only a legal obligation, but also a productive investment, a growth factor and an added value.

Europress is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its production activities, constantly allocating resources for reducing its footprint and guaranteeing safety at work, in full compliance with regulations.

to curb the environmental footprint

  • With the introduction of LED bulbs in the departments we save energy and improve the quality of the workshop lighting.
  • Through the heat recovery of the compressors, we produce hot water, both for sanitary use and for heating purposes.
  • Thanks to the increased capacity of the press extraction systems, now at 10,000 m3/h per press, we have improved the air quality in the departments.
  • Melting dust abatement/suction systems, with ad hoc sized filters, drastically reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

These and many other virtuous actions are carried out with a view to continuous improvement.